The Coffee Machine Cleaning Guide – Everything You Need To Know
Cleaning Coffee Machine

Producing coffee in a home environment has come a long way before it found its home in the appliances that make the entire process faster and easier. Still, koffie machine kopen process is never easy as you need to maintain it and keep it clean.

However, there is no good coffee if your machine is not clean and maintained well, regardless of the type of and model of appliance you have.

As an experienced team, we have decided to share with you a simple guide for a proper maintenance of these appliances. First of all, let us determine when you need to clean the coffee machine.

When to clean the appliance?

Ideally, you should clean the machine every day, especially if you use it a lot during the day. The coffee clogs, beans and limescale may clog the internal system, which can damage the device.

Making Coffee On Espresso Machine

Therefore, it would be ideal to clean it every day. The instructions are below. Also, what you can do to increase the lifespan of the appliance is to wipe down the steam wand every time you use it to prevent bacteria from building up. Also, before every shot, make sure to flush the head to remove coffee oils from entering your beverage, which can ruin the overall taste and flavor.

Scrub the heads and use detergent

After you finish the work, it is time for cleaning! Make sure to scrub the group heads with a specially made brush to get rid of any grounds that are left.

After you do this, take the machine detergent and clean the filter. You can know that you did a good job once the water that comes through filter becomes clear.

However, do not forget to make a couple of espresso shots after you use the detergent to remove any remaining detergent inside. Make at least 3 shots to remove the detergent taste completely.

Remove the steam wand and clean it

Another thing you must not forget is the steam wand. Steam wand uses steam to process water/milk and it is natural to be some leftovers from water or milk. Of course, we do not want any of these.

Cleaning Coffee System
Cleaning Coffee System Guide

So, you can mix a warm water and detergent and then pour that mixture inside the steam wand. The key is to leave it there sit for some 30 minutes so it could rinse everything and clean the inside of it. If it is possible, leave it there overnight to make sure it cleans everything properly.

Clean the hose, filter ad tray

The last thing is to make sure that the hose is clean as you can make a mess inside easily. In case you have a clog inside, it will block the drip-tray line and can cause chaos if you are not aware of the problem.

Also, do not forget to clean the filters to remove any remaining parts that we do not want inside. The tray has to be cleaned as no barista keeps his tray dirty and stained.


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