Power Director 15

Power Director 15 created by Cyberlink is one of the best video editing software you can find nowadays. It comes in three different packages which are symbolically named as Deluxe, Ultra, and Ultimate. Ease to use modes can guarantee that you will quickly learn everything you need to know about this program.

Power Director This will leave you with more time to spend creating your videos. With this video editor, you have more than five hundred effects and templates to use. Easy access to the controls inside software can turn your footages into professional looking films. Many stylish presets are also available so you can set the mood and tone without any trouble. If you need the audio recording to fulfill your video Power Director gives you tons of sounds and background music. When you are done editing, there is an option to upload your work directly to YouTube or Facebook or produce your own DVD.

The feature that optimizes footage over two hundred frames per second will be a blast if you are interested in a slow motion video. The newest feature is hardware acceleration for 4k videos and of the fastest render options compared to other similar software. You can create and do some serious color correction with a feature called ‘TrueTheatar’ and give a new life to your content. If you buy the Ultra package, you can create ‘end to end’ movies since the version supports 360 video formats. The Premium package offers almost a thousand effects and templates, but it’s more expensive than the previous two.

This video editor requires a slightly better computer so you could easily use every feature without problems and create more complex videos. At least that’s what the users who are into video editing had to say about it. In comparison to similar programs, this one is better for those that want to do some serious stuff and improve their skills. The program has tons of options and possibilities you can use together to create true masterpieces of photography. The price of Power Director is in range with what other such software. Overall, it’s a program worth the money, if you’re into that kind of stuff.


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