PHP template

Templates are the way of the future when it comes to presenting bids online. The proposals need to be presentable and functional as the online world adapts fast to new trends; templates have to follow.

The first thing you have to know when making a template is what niche you will follow. Targeting a particular niche will help you build your template around that specific idea and will help you shape it into your vision.

Mintalicious templatesWhether you choose business, economics, home, the internet or any other niche, the niche that best suits the market will be the one that rises above the rest. Once the niche has been decided, you can start to fill up and organize your template with content.

Templates also must be highly responsive and must function across all platforms such as computers, touch pads, phones and other electronics.

Mintalicious templates

In comes the Mintalicious templates that offer a new and unique way to make your very own PhpLD templates.

The Mintalicious templates are a beautiful mint blue and white template for phpLD versions 3.2 and 3.3. The mint blue color is very easy on the eye and acts as a comforting color for visitors and users alike. The template is simple to navigate and read and can be easily adapted to as it offers an upgraded way of making new templates in the PhpLD.

There are tons of different models that you can pick and choose from the internet, but we have had great success with the Mintalicious template so far. There are two distinct templates.  The free version and the paid one.

The Free version does not let users remove the footer links on this template. So If you are interested in removing the footer links, you will need to contact the contact to Right IT Corporation and ask for help. If you have any additional questions or require more information about this topic, feel free to e-mail us about it.


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