Trending Apps in 2017

With a couple of million apps in the Play store, searching for the one you need can be a hard job to do. Whether you require a new browser or a game there are always many of them available. We have selected top five apps for you who are ‘must have’ for many android users.


This is probably the most successful weather app available. Designed with the simple interface, it’s showing to you current weather. You can see the forecast in the next twelve weeks and have a radar that informs you if there is a storm coming. Also, you get a set of adaptive widgets alongside weather fun facts which make ‘1Weather’ really great. You can have two versions of this program with the same options, the only difference between free and bought versions is that purchased one comes without any advertisements.


Tasker is a useful app who can do many things for you automatically. It takes a while to learn how to use, but once you figure it out, you’ll be surprised how many purposes this app have. You can set up your device to open ‘Deezer’ when you put your headset in. It can respond to every message with some of your personal information like a street address. All you need to do here is to provide the right information and the Tasker will do the rest.

Clean Master

Clean Master

This app is a real savior if your phone is running slow. You can easily fix any problem and clean unwanted cache files in a couple of minutes. There is nothing unusual to say about this app, it’s free, it’s simple to work with and helps you to clean everything on your device by using ‘Junk File Cleaning’ feature.


Although every phone is offering power-saving mode, Greenify will drastically improve battery life on your device. It operates by controlling every app installed on your phone. After you’re done with some of your programs this powerful tool will immediately close that app and reduce battery draining. Everyone who thinks Greenify will be good assistant can download this app for free.


It’s interesting how Vine has become popular among people of all ages. It gives you the opportunity to record your own amazing video in only six seconds. By taking different shots you can put them together and create short footage, the most of the people enjoy by doing this and have much fun.


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